Cape Cod (South side), September 16th, 2007

September 16, 2007

Brian With an Albie Nelson with an Albie Brian with another albie Nelson with another albie

Joined some old friends on a team of 3 boats down to the south side of the cape Sunday. We were in search of False Albacore tuna. For myself and my partner for the day (my nephew Nelson) we were complete newbies. I remember targeting them years ago but no catching any (or seeing any that day either).

It was an early start and I of all people was running a late. For no reason at all but did keep things going or tried to. Seems like I had so many little challenges along the way. I won’t get into them but let’s just say it could have been a better start.

Trying not to let my cranky side out, we finally got to the boat ramp and launched. Headed out of a fairly long no wake zone to find the other two boats that already made it out. We got outside of the channel area and did not see them. A quick call confirmed that they were not too far away and near some very heated fishing action. I asked, how will I know where to find you and he replied that they were near a bunch of other boats. Indeed he was. I’ll be there were 50-60 boats in this area by 6:30 AM. It was silly. However everyone seemed to behave for the most part.

We saw massive schools of bait fish being fizzed to the surface. WOW!!!!! we were pumped up now. I was like, hmmm should i through a sluggo or a fly or a spoon or a ….. I was confused. Tossed the sluggo out a bunch of times then went for the fly only to find out the line was spooled on opposite to the direction of the drag – wrong!

After hours with no fish and several phone calls from my buddy stating that he was catching them. We were doing something wrong. We did not see a lot of people catching fish either. One break off that Nelson had and I had maybe a tug? Wow, we sucked.

Then my buddy says, you have to stay upwind of them and drift into them ripping the bait back as fast as you can and then some. I thought, OK I will try it. We did that a few times with no luck. There were just too many people out there. Every time we would see a bait blitz there were like 5 boats on it. Toooo many boats. Nobody was being mean or anything just crowded.

We headed into some bay area for bluefish for a short while and by the time we came back out the boats had thinned out by more than 75%. The fish activity too. So we all split into different directions. I went east and they went west. I found a good rip that we just started working for stripers when I got a call. Spot UDL was on fire and there was not another soul out there. Come on down. Cool, so we blast off (I think this is when I lost my jacket as it must of blew out of the boat).

As we were heading over there we notice that there were blitzes along this one spot. Not more than 1-2 boats nearby and one of them was the sea tow boat. OK, can’t pass this up. So we check it out. Within the 1st couple of casts I hookup. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ my reel said to me. I said what? It said ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZzz ZZZZZZZZ. WOW, this thing was a toad. It must be 100 pounds Nelson exclaimed. I said, no way it must be good but it sure did feel big. It was taking on drag and had my rod bent completely in half. I was half focussed on landing the fish and half not breaking my rod. Then the fish stopped. So I started picking back up some line and it did a 180 and this time circled the boat. By this time we were drifting off into deeper water and the phone rings. It is my buddy. I had Nelson answer it for me and relay the message that we were on fish and to come join us. Got the fish to the boat after a fairly long battle for a couple of pictures. 8.5 pound Albie. Not heavy but hearty. Wow, that was so cool. Now it was Nelsons turn.

Nelson had to watch me catch two more before he caught one. Well, actually he was a little bit challenged as his line kept snapping and he broke off I think 4 fish for the day total. Finally he had one on and the drag set correctly 😉 that is key right Nelson? He was so excited. I started the boat and followed the fish a little as it was taking some serious line and there were other boats nearby that this fish was running to. We landed it, got some pics, and sent it back off to kick someone else’s but.

Nelson then caught two more from various pods of busting bait. He landed both. Great job to him and I’ll bet those fish were the gravy after the 1st. I know mine seemed that way.

Several of the fish puked up the bait they were feeding on, often times it still completely alive. So we had these little fish flipping all over the boat after catching them. See the picture below.

Albie Bait

Later the fishing died down and we were all hunting for new spots. Nothing doing though. Nobody was on anything. We slowly were trolling the shoreline when all of a sudden a bunch of fish out of the blue just starting busting all around us. Like we walked into the candy store. I stopped the boat and ran to the front with my sluggo rod to pick up what would be our last fish of the day. We called my buddy again to invite him into whatever action he could get out of the spot. They went down and he instead came over just to take some pics. That was cool of him.

We found more fish late into the day in different spots but I don’t think anyone hooked up after that. Headed in for a long drive home from a day well spent on the cape. What an awesome day, fish, and experience that was. I will never forget it and can’t wait to do it again.


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