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Feb 24th, Nubanusit Lake

February 24, 2008

She held true to her nickname today. Saw 1/2 dozen lakers on the cam in the AM and then hooked into a nice one jigging later on and lost it at the hole.  Embarrassed Talked to about 5 other groups on the way in and that was pretty much the theme for everyone (no fish). Did hear a few cheers earlier from a group out near the big point but was not sure if that was for a fish  Huh.

Memory of the day goes to the two eagles flying around (one with a fish in his talons – awesome stuff).  Oh ya and lost my keys.

Still great to get out and fish.



Mid-February Gorham Pond

February 21, 2008

Hit Gorham pond with Nelson. We took the sled out too and moved around a lot. We got a few perch and about 50 bluegill. Was a productive trip for sure.


2008 Great Merideth Rotary Ice Fishing Derby

February 12, 2008

I honestly have stopped checking ice thickness lately as I head out. Was about to fish a spot in 60 fow that I just got to when an F350 w/plow drove by and another vehicle about 100 feet away from following. After they drove by I thought wow, that must mean there is a lot of ice here.  Drilled a hole and there was about 7-8 inches of mixed ice. None of it was really black and 6-8″ of slush and 8-10″ of snow on top of that.  Cookoo

I used a plowed path for a good ways to get out to my spot. They also used it. On my way back I noticed ridges forming through it with water oozing out. I hopped off and fought the slush in fear that it would open up more. Not sure if it was a ridge forming of from that truck but did not notice that on the way out.

Don’t assume the guy you see out there driving his truck around (with MA plates – ha ha  Cheesy) is a thumbs up for you to test the ice with yours.

Be safe and remember no fish is worth your life.

Then come derby time I (still with a serious poker face) hit the lakes early with a steadfast plan to catch the winning fish. By sunday afternoon I realized that I had fun without winning. So ya, it was fun and next year I’m going to focus on that more and try to get more people out to share in the fun.