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November 17th, 2007 Squam Lake

November 17, 2007

Cold day for fishing but we had to do it. Had not fished in a while. After working on the shed for so long and getting ready for everything I needed a break. Was also hoping that we would have an extended fall but was getting colder every day.

Besides being cold it was windy. We fished various spots with no bites. Too windy in most places. Fished up in the back coves where there was no wind though it felt good, no fish there either.

Stopped back by one more ledge on the way back and got 1 smallmouth. Fished it hard for another hour with no more fish. One spot on the way in they decided it was time to defrost.

When we got in we spoke to another boater on his way in. He reported not a single fish or bite. So I felt a little vindicated.