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Joppa Flats – May 31st, 2007

May 31, 2007

Went with Reel-timer smc968 for a trip to Joppa. Met through the trip sharing forum. It was cool to fish with him and he even helped me with a couple of things with my fly casting.


Fished the entire day on both sides of the tide. You can catch all the twinks you want right now during any tide but the bigger fish seemed to only be responding to the falling tide.


Did not keep count but I think the number would be around 60+ fish between the two of us. About 9 fish were in the 28-33 inch range with the two biggest at 32 and 33 inches and FAT. Probably about 15 or so fish were between 22-26. And like I said, you can catch all the small ones you want, just find them and stay put and they will bite all day. All fish caught on flies and sluggos. I did drop a fish that had to be over 40 today. I crimp my barbs and this fish must of known that. She ran into the river, stripping lots of line, then ran in the opposite direction with the tide, line slacked for a minute then gone. What a fish.


It was a super day to be out weather wise. It was overcast all day, temps just under 70 or so, and just enough wind to keep a lite chop.


Deering Resevior – May 30th, 2007

May 30, 2007


Went to Deering reservoir with my wife and son today. It was a gorgeous day out and we had a nice leisurely time out there. Got to the ramp around 11am and were on fish within minutes. We trolled a lure on one of my trolling rods and within a minute or so we hooked up. Ryan reeled in his 1st rainbow ever. It was a good fight and we let it go to be caught another day after a quick picture. Good job Ryan. Put the line back out and within minutes were on to another fish. Wow, that was awesome.


By this time, I figured it was time for some smallie fishing. So we headed to one of my favorite spawning spots and found a few smallies willing to bite. The wind picked up in that direction so they were a little harder to catch. However, my wife and I both caught some. No size but still fun.


Moved on to a spot where I knew there were bigger largies that should of been doing the same thing. Found a couple but they were so spooked by us that they were cruising around and too hard to target with Ryan running around. Ryan did catch one though with his little spincast rod. 🙂 my boy was doing alright out there so far.


After a little boat ride we hit another spot and found some more smallies here and there. Caught one that was about 3.5 pounds but dropped it as it neared the boat. I crimp my barbs when fishing for them on beds and try to leave the small fish alone and don’t touch the same fish twice.

Changing over to a super fluke style bait to cover more water we hit the shady side of one of the biggest island and I saw a fish follow it out from a tree with a HUGE vengeance. Slam, about a 3.5-4 pound largemouth cam out and hooked up. As I went down this shoreline I got a couple more and saw numerous fish running up to it. Wow, this would of been a killer pattern if I tried it a little sooner.



We aimed to head out and on the way trolled a line. Within a minute or so we got another rainbow. This time Jacinta reeled it in. It was the biggest of all of them (about 16″) and she had fun catching it. Trolled again, and wham, another rainbow. About the same size as the ones we got earlier (14-15 inches).


Headed back to the ramp and were out of there by 3pm or so.


Was an awesome day out with my wife and son. Can’t wait to do that again.


Definitely seeing the need to get a bimini top for my boat though to make the hot sunny days a little more pleasant in for my family. Will be ordering this soon I hope.


May 28th, 2007 Gorham Pond

May 28, 2007

More of a boating trip with my in-laws but a fun one. Got all the kids in life jackets and cruised the pond. Tried a few spots for sunnys with the kids but it was too windy and there were too many kids to focus.

No fish on this trip but wet a line and was on the water for a couple of hours.