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July 31st 2008 – Gorham Pond

July 31, 2008

Went to Gorham pond with the boat, boy, and wife. We fished a little. Did not get anything. Too hot. Swam a little and came home before the regularly scheduled thunderstorm that we get EVERY AFTERNOON.

July 24th – North Shore Kayak Trip

July 24, 2008

Finally got the kayak out into the salt. Launched from water street and paddled along the Beverly shoreline up to Manchester. Did not get all the way to Manchester I don’t think but was fairly close to Misery Island. Sky was getting dark and the last place I wanted to be was caught out there during a storm. Headed back in towards salem then up to Danvers where my wife would later pick me up at the Rt 35 bridge. 12 miles of trolling a tube and worm and only two bites (if they even were). I also chucked a sluggo around but no takers.

Just as I put the kayak on the roof of the truck it started to rain out pretty bad and thunderstorm rolled in. Talked to someone on the phone not long after that and they went to Marblehead and had a great day catching schoolies. Oh well, you live and learn. Was still cool to get the kayak on the saltwater for the 1st time. Man that thing is stable.


July 11-13 – Keysar Pond in Hopkinton NH

July 13, 2008

Went camping for a few days with the family. Brought the yak. Made a neat kayak cart and everything. Got about 10 feet away from the camp before it splintered into pieces. Trip to the hardware store and a little work fixed that.

Fished when I could but mainly a relaxing trip. Caught a few nice bass, a huge pickeral, and did a lot of swimming with Ryan. He learned to jump off of the docks this weekend. That was really cool.