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North Shore – July 11th, 2007

July 11, 2007

Headed out to host a trip for my brother in law and my nephew. Hit various spots I’ve done well at as well as some new ones.

Day started slow but definitely got my blood pumping when on the 1st cast and retrieve I swear a 50 inch fish follow my bait back to the boat. They always look bigger in the water but it was likely something between 40 and 50 inches though. I do know that I was somewhat startled though when I initially saw the shadow then the roll of such a big fish. Wow, even just to see these monsters keeps my confidence roaring into the day.

After various unsuccessful spots with no other sightings of fish, I headed into the river and picked up a few schoolies from some of the old reliable spots. But I also wanted to put these guys on something nice so we headed back out just outside the river to a new place for me that I saw on google maps.

Right off I got a 28 inch fish with many similar fish to follow. Next few casts produced another 28 incher only this was was FATTTT. The kind of fish that will grow up to be HUGE. Both released to get bigger. Got a few more fish in the mid twenties in this area and some other similar spots. Was really hoping to put one of these guys onto a fish like either of the two 28’s I got or bigger.

Biggest memory of the day though was definitely that toad of a fish that came up after my bait at the 1st spot this morning. That was awesome and I keep having visions of it run through my mind like a re-run of the twilight zone (and one of the better episodes ).



Glen Lake – July 7th, 2007

July 7, 2007

Took my father in law out on this fine day to a local lake. He is visiting from Portugal and wanted to go out fishing. Never done this with him before but was very excited to.

Trolled and got a fish right off. He reeled in a nice little white perch. He thought that was pretty neat. I rigged up the planer boards for fun too and so he could see them in action. Trolled some more and got another. As we trolled I showed him all of my bass lures and tried to explain them. He speaks as much English as I do Portuguese so it is sometimes a challenge for us but we both know what we are talking about in the end so I guess that is all that counts.

Then we fished for bass in some of the shallows. I caught a huge pickerel and showed him the teeth on it. He thought that was pretty cool and kept on fishing. Got a bass on a spinnerbait. Kept moving along and he casted over a downed tree. He got stuck so I went over th help him get out of it. When I did I literally had to stand on the log to get to his line. Pulling on it I felt some kick back and though since it was a fresh tree it may have a branch stuck to his hook. Nope, he had a decent largemouth bass on. I carefully followed the line down and lipped the fish into the boat. A quick picture and Fransisco caught another fish.

Decided to troll some more and as we did, he told me a story that I could not make out 100% but in general it was about him and his friend catching a monster sized carp from a small pond. I guess it was so big the two of them had to pick it up together. Neat story and while I had trouble translating it because I don’t speak enough Portuguese, I really enjoyed what I understood and appreciated him sharing it with me. Really cool when you can bring out an 81 year old man and have him recall memories of the past as you share new ones with him.

He caught a big crappie next on one of the trolling lines and I told him he could keep that one for the table (which he really wanted to do). Headed home shortly after that.

Got home, filleted the fish, added some butter, breadcrumbs and pepper then served it to him withing an 1/2 hour of him catching it. He thought that was the berries and loved it.

This was a very special trip for me. One that I know I may not have many more of but when given the chance in any future, I would do it in a heartbeat.



Gorham Pond, July 6th, 2007

July 6, 2007

Went to the pond tonight with my brother Shawn for some evening into night fishing. Right off there was a good topwater bite. We both tried with my 7 weight fly rod and a popper but I think the popper was to heavy for that rod to through. I bought it for my 9 wt.

We fished for a few hours and it slowed down. Did something really really stupid tonight. Tied on a brand new spinnerbait, clipped the line to trim it and then thew it over the side of the boat. Well I must of clipped the line or it was fraid at th reel? either way it is now gone.

Did well on a jitterbug tonight and reminded myself to sharpen the hooks with ever missed  I heard. Need to sharpend hooks – please note to self. đŸ™‚

Shawn did better than me on this trip and got the lions share of the fish. It seemed that every time his cell phone would ring he would get a fish on or a bite.  He thought that this was so cool that the last call he got from his wife, I told her to stay on the line for a minute so he could get another.

Headed home to sleep after that.