North Shore – July 11th, 2007

July 11, 2007

Headed out to host a trip for my brother in law and my nephew. Hit various spots I’ve done well at as well as some new ones.

Day started slow but definitely got my blood pumping when on the 1st cast and retrieve I swear a 50 inch fish follow my bait back to the boat. They always look bigger in the water but it was likely something between 40 and 50 inches though. I do know that I was somewhat startled though when I initially saw the shadow then the roll of such a big fish. Wow, even just to see these monsters keeps my confidence roaring into the day.

After various unsuccessful spots with no other sightings of fish, I headed into the river and picked up a few schoolies from some of the old reliable spots. But I also wanted to put these guys on something nice so we headed back out just outside the river to a new place for me that I saw on google maps.

Right off I got a 28 inch fish with many similar fish to follow. Next few casts produced another 28 incher only this was was FATTTT. The kind of fish that will grow up to be HUGE. Both released to get bigger. Got a few more fish in the mid twenties in this area and some other similar spots. Was really hoping to put one of these guys onto a fish like either of the two 28’s I got or bigger.

Biggest memory of the day though was definitely that toad of a fish that came up after my bait at the 1st spot this morning. That was awesome and I keep having visions of it run through my mind like a re-run of the twilight zone (and one of the better episodes ).


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