North Shore – September 30th, 2007

September 30, 2007


Nelson Wading With STripers

Would not even post this except that Nelson felt that he had a good day on the water. I enjoyed getting out and practicing on my cast with the 8 wt as well though Nelson did well from the start.

Last minute decision to go and last minute decision to not bring the boat. The thought was to come back early and get some more work done on the shed – yeah right. Anyways, I headed down for some shore fishing and told Nelson to go to the 1st spot while I went to another (since it was on the way). I ran into a fellow that I have seen at this spot before and went over and said hello. We talked for a bit and I picked up on his accent that he was Portuguese. He mentioned that the tide was really low and it was. He also said someone got a 35 incher here the week before.

I headed down to the spot to fish and took a bunch of casts on my new 7′ spinning outfit I bought just for shore fishing. My only 2 pc setup and this one is a saltwater version. No fish but did stumble on a nice lure stuck in the bed of spent shells. Hooks a little rusty but otherwise looked like new. Score.

Headed over to meet up with Nelson and called him on the way. He said, yep the birds are here and fish are surfacing (Salem Willows).  I arrived and ran into a painter on the shore. He was doing a painting of a nice oak tree overlooking Beverly Harbor. I stopped and complemented his painting. He thanked me and said that there were birds working the water down below and fish jumping. OK, time to go find Nelson. I finally see him in the water with his waders. I did not have mine on but in the truck. He said he got a few and before I could even cast he got another. I started casting out and had a couple of hits then decided to go back up to the truck to get my waders so I could use my fly rod for these schoolies. By the time I got back Nelson said they were still on. I entered the water and must of had the get-away cologne on as the fish stopped. We fished a little further down and I almost exclusively threw a fly for the next hour or more. Nelson picked up another fish but the tide was on the way in and the holes in between us and land were a concern. We headed in to go find another spot.

As we got back to the truck we ran into a couple of guys that just got back from diving asking if we knew of a weigh station for their lobster. He showed me a pretty decent lobster in a bag and wanted to weigh it for a possible record caught while diving.

We hit several spots in Beverly along the beaches and all the way up at West beach we saw some birds working after we were there for a bit.  We waded out to them but could not hook up. Saw a person in a kayak come along and get one of them though. Small but still on a fly. Se later came into the beach with a friend and we chatted for a bit about the fly pattern she was using and the activity on the water. She even gave me a fly that she tied. Pretty cool to meet people like this.

We headed back towards the river only to pick up one small schoolie to break in my new rod. That was it. That is my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂


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