North Shore, September 9th, 2007

September 9, 2007


Took my nephews out today. Anthony joined myself and Nelson. We hit the salt for this one in search of the elusive striper. They should be on bunker this time of year and we were in search of the fattier ones.

Weather was nasty to start. It was raining hard up here in NH at 3AM and as I headed down to Salem, it was not raining yet but very humid and windy. That’s right, thunderstorm weather. Watched the flashes of lighting the whole way down, thinking we may not be able to go out in the boat until that calmed down.

Picked up Nelson and Anthony and headed for Kernwood Marina to launch. With the lightening I wanted to wait it out. Plus, if we did that we could use the Winter Island ramp. We staged our fishing efforts at the Salem willows where we took a few casts for an hour and watched the lightening. It was near but not over us. I caught two and dropped one schoolie. Nelson also had one on and it broke his line. Anthony also had something on for a second.

Went to Winter Island as soon as the lightening was gone. We headed out for one of my go to spots and nada. So we then went to Nelson’s favorite which he calls “The ACE in the hole”. shh, don’t tell anyone his secret spot, it is Bakers Island. Hmmmmmm. We anchored (which I hate to do) and started chucking our sluggos at the rocks. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. We were on sub-legal stripers for a little while there. I thin most of them were 25-26 and one of the ones I had was 27. Still not bad. Was choppy though and hard to stay out there.

Wanting to drive and not swim back we saved my boat from capsizing and drove up to some beaches in Beverly. 1st spot, I’m all excited and these two guys were sluggishly getting their gear ready. Then I said, he look at that. The water was boiling. Anthony got to see his 1st blitz. It was small, short lived, and probably a bunch of bluefish on bunker. Still neat even though we did not get a bite.

Anthony had to go to work. After dropping him back off at the ramp, we headed back out for hopefully more fish. 1st spot produced nothing. Then we hit the beaches again. Wala! There they were. I tied into a nice 26 inch fattie. Then another then before you knew it Nelson was on them. We worked that pile of fish for about 15 minutes and then they were gone. Then nothing for the rest of the day. 😦 Oh well.

Was a fun trip.


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