Merrimack River / Joppa Flats – September 10th, 2006

September 10, 2006

Went out to Joppa today and the vicinity with my brother Shawn and nephew Nick from 8:30-3:30 Very slow. Got a handful of micros between the 3 of us but worked a lot of water for them and they were a fish here and there. I did notice that all fish were closer to the channel than deaper into the flats or in the backwaters. But how can you pattern runt fish. No signs of bait, no bait, no fish. Was also like a ghost town as far as fishing boats.

Got some flies wet and tried various light tackle on the spin and bait cast rods. Glad I bought those new flies for this trip. Ha ha.

Cleaning the boat is a real pain after a slow day in the salt. I think it was too windy and an east wind with a post front. Someone also said that the moon was not right for the tides. Maybe the time of the tide too? Who knows. It was tough fishing out there.

Heading to the North Shore next weekend. Maybe Marblehead on an outgoing tide with Nelson.


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