Rye NH Coast – September 24, 2006

September 24, 2006

Ryan And Brian At Rye

Did a little family trip thing today and snuck-in some fishing when / where I could in Rye NH. Went to fort stark for the 1st time. Stopped at the bait shop along the way and picked up a pricy plug to get wet (the one you see on my rod in the picture above). Casted it a few times and was impressed at how far I could chuck this thing into the wind.

On the last cast (and I’ll explain) I threw it so far I was just watching it go and go and go. I said aloud to myself, wow, those things can move at 3 oz! Looking down to make sure I have enough line to support such a cast I got to see that it broke somewhere between the reel and the tip of the rod.

I think it was only $10 but still… It less than an hour old.

No fish today either but as I went out to re-look at a spot I fished when I 1st got there (wife and child waiting wet and cranky after that little downpour) I saw something swirl on some bait. 😦

I would of not posted this report except for it being such a great day to spend with my wife and son. Felt like we were pirates just roaming around today. Oh ya the other reason I’m posting this is cuz I lost that darn lure that cost me 10 bucks!


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