Conway Lake – August 19 to 26, 2006

August 27, 2006

This week I was on my family vacation trip to Conway Lake. We rented a cottage on the north end of the lake closer to the dam area known as Runabout bay.

I launched my boat on Saturday night when we arrived but did not have time to check out the water much more that a few cast from the dock. I did have some nice noisy fish wack my biat at night from the doc fishing a jitterbug but no hook up. Started to rain hard so I headed in to plan for the next day.

Sunday – took my daughter Jenn and neice Holly out in the morning after a late start to check out the lake. Hoped to find some salmon and maybe rainbows. Marked lots of bait on the way out in the 1st hole but targeted the main lake section to troll. We trolled for quite a while and hooked into a couple of fish. All long line releases as I let the girls try to get them. On the 3rd fish I stuck it and then handed the rod to Holly. She reeled it for a while but got tired. It was a nice 18″ rainbow on a silver/chartruese top gun with black dots. We caught a little 14″ rainbow about an hour later. Both fish came on 4 colors of lead at 2.5 mph over the 1st hole. Later we fished off the dock with the kids and got lots of sunfish and small bass on nightcrawlers. My son Ryan had a blast and caught about 5 sunfish and 2 nice bass. He loved it.

Monday – Headed back out only early this time. I trolled by myself on this promising looking day and got two nice rainbows right off. The 1st one was a 21″ on a white red dot db smelt and the next was a fat 19″ on a top gun rainbow trout pattern. Got about 3-4 bass in shallower water trolling slow (under 2mph). Went slow for a while and after a small 15-16″ rainbow I headed in. Went back out later with Holly and Jenn and we managed a huge 4 pound largemouth. Note: of the two bigger rainbows one was at 3 colors of lead and the other at 5 and one at 1.5 mph and the other at 2.2. Remember, I am still trying to find those salmon in here. We did some tubing later that day with Holly and Jenn.

Tuesday – I was hoping for a repeat of what I did the day before but that did not happen. I started to look for new water and new baits. Hmmm, what was that old scruffy lure I had in my box from 15 years ago. I have no idea who makes it but it is the shape of a top gun only thicker. White, pink, yellow, and with black spots. Boom a 20″ rainbow almost immediately updates me on what they wanted. Threw it back out an within minutes I got a 19 ” rainbow.

Wednesday – story land (I did not take a single cast on this day. 😦 ).

Thursday – Got more rainbows fishing by myself in the morning then some more with my wife and son in the afternoon. He played with all my electronics again as my wife boated a nice 19″ or so rainbow. This was was a bit dark on the belly. I did not want to keep it but it was bleeding pretty bad. Ryan had some fun with my underwater camera on this day and we all had fun.

Friday – went out and got some more rainbows, bass, a giant pickeral, then some more fish from the docks with the kids. Later that day I fished near the cabin around the docks and boated a nice 3.5 pound largemouth on a jig-pig. Got a couple more then headed in. Relaxed with my wife for our last night there on vacation.

Saturday – pack it up and get ready to head home. I took the kids down to the dock to fish while my wife fishished cleaning the cabin. Well they got some more sunfish on worms. My son did something he never did before though. He wanted to throw back his fish. He grabbed it and tossed it into the water. I was so proud of him. What a little man he is becoming.

Great trip, nice lake, and my family is awesome! (ps: in case the wife reads this. ha ha)

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