North Shore October 15th, 2006

October 15, 2006

Met up with Nelson on this cold October morning. It was cold and the action was slow. A west wind was still in our hopes that there was some good fishing to still be had?

Kicked off the day in the shady side of Salem at willows around 7. Only 1 fish (1st cast – isn’t that confusing when the do that?) However, after a few more punts of the sluggo into the constant westward wind I made an executive decision to leave my 10-minute term as “King of the uni-schoolie rock”. Oh ya plus I could not help myself to the massive feast that was at the foot of the Rt 1A bridge on the Salem side.

After arriving there the birds were gone  :confused:  and so were the fish. I felt like I just witnessed a mirage. You know the one where you are dreaming about catching keepers with every cast on your favorite fly pattern and then the phone rings and it is your wife telling you to stay out later?

From there we quickly hit the jetty at Independence Park. Nada on the fish.

Went to West Beach from there and tried it out. Again, (broken record) no fish. Wow, the amount of weed on that beach is crazy. Imagine all the junk mixed in there? Saw a dead dogfish in the mix.

Went to a backwater section in Bass River up near Elliot st. No fish but the birds were there waiting or digesting something. (you know they have been there a while when they have decorated the landscape the only way they know of). Oh ya – no fish.

Tried a spot on the Porter River. Actually my nephew did and swears by the spot but I was all set. No fish.

Last spot was near the Rt 35 Bridge in Danvers. 2 fish. Was about 10:30 or so and my wife called, however it was not the “why don’t you stay out late” call. Called it a day and headed for the hills of NH.

Nephew just called me about a 1/2 hour ago and said he was into a heavy feeding school in Danvers. So the moral of the story is, if you don’t find em during the day, they will be there at night. If you don’t find them on either side of the day then there is always next spring.


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