Danvers – October 21, 2006

October 21, 2006

Was able to get out twice on this day. By myself before a birthday party for a few casts then later after the party with Nelson for a few casts.

Wind was strong WNW wind at about 20MPH. Earlier in the day there were 50MPH winds in the same direction. 2 fish came eary 2 hours before low tide and then I got 5 more 2 hours after high tide. All small except for the last one it was about 20 inches which for me was a fun fish (in the dark and cold). All on sluggos. Fish were busting everywhere on my second trip. You could see them busting from the overshining of a bilboard light nearby. Casting right to the splash immediately after would trigger a strike.

Might of been the last  salt fish for me this year. I really need to get some outdoor work done before silver buddy season.

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