Winnipesaukee Lake – Lakers Gone Wild

January 10, 2010

Was a cold and windy day on Winni. Went out of Center Harbor with Nick and his friend. Took the snowmobile out past 1 mile island and saw plenty of fish but no biters. Here is video of one that kept coming back for his audition to the show:


Blues R In

June 17, 2009

Went out Saturday morning with Justin. Blue fish are in and the stripers are slowing down. At least today with the blue sky in the early am they got board real quick.



New Kayak Works

June 17, 2009

Finally got out to the salty-water today. 1st time this season. Also the 1st time in my new Trident 15. What an awesome ride.

Got there at 5:30AM as someone was leaving. He told me the schoolies were up. I got out there a little ways and yes they were there and playful. Caught a few to 24 inches, then as the sun fully came up they shut down.

More yaks and boats started to arrive but nobody else was catching either. As I paddled along I kept spooking fish (that would not bite and seemed to be on the move). Then I finally had one willing to play. A boil… a splash…. a tug and a miss…. Re-cast to the same spot. Boil, splash, and hook-set. BANG! A giant tail rolls over into the water creating a lovely splash. As line proceeded to strip off of my reel, I hear a voice in my head tell me that have yet to catch even a keeper from any of my kayaks yet. I smiled then heard another voice saying, “Brian, don’t screw this up – K?”. OK, I thought.

Before I knew it the kayak must have been at 10 MPH. Looking at the shoreline I smiled as I realized that THIS IS ALSO MY 1st REAL SLEIGH RIDE!  WHOOOO HOOOO!

After a good fight, I landed the behemoth and got my 1st keeper of the year in on my 1st trip and in my new yak! What a great morning. I would like to thank a fellow NEKF member kenmathis for taking some pictures for me. Thanks again Ken!

Taped out at 42 inches and weighed 23+ pounds.