My Maiden Voyage with my New Boat @ Lake Winnipesaukee

May 6, 2013

Between work and my son’s schedule with baseball, scouts, and other activities, I have not had a chance to make it out on the water with my new to me center console. All of this has prevented me from the hun-e-do list for the boat and gettting it out. Well I did what I could yesterday to get it as ready as I could. Still don’t even have my fish finder mounted yet but hey why rush things, right?  grin

Our shake down cruise was to one of my favorite lakes in the world. Winnipesaukee! A little far for a shake down trip but I need a dock for this rig and nice to get out on Winni whenever possible

Did not have much intention of fishing and got one heck of a late start, OTW @ 10:30AM, we ran the boat around for a bit and then put out a couple of leadcore lines. I still have to mount my riggers. Anyways, I let Ryan pick his own lure out and he grabbed one that I hate. You know those lures in your box that you have tried time and time again and never produces so likewise eventually it never gets used. Made him tie it on himself and then he put out 2 colors (he got to choose how many to put out). Well, that lure produced our first fish. He noticed the strike right away and ran to the rod. Did everything right and boated a nice 14.5 inch salmon. I have to say we were not ready for that fish but a quick scoop with the rubber net, measure and off it went. Really wished we had a picture but on the fish that I release I don’t like to delay getting them back and minimize handling. Even if it was the first fish on the boat.

2nd fish came 1/2 hour later, only this one pegged rod with a good bend. Again, same lure / rod as the first and just about folded the rod in half. Jr. was again quick to see the strike and got back into cranking position. He again, did all I have taught him in reeling in the fish and did very well. It is neat to hear your kid repeating to you the steps you have told him from past trips / years. “OK, nice and easy… keep the line tight, and tip up…. OK… wow, dad, DID YOU SEE THAT FISH JUMP?… DAD, DAD, LOOK! HEEE HEEE” I really live for moments like these. What  a rush, what a moment. Fishing dads, you know what I”m talking about? Well, that next fish was a nice 20″ rainbow. I was so proud of him. Was a short trip but got the new boat wet and all went well. What a great day!

Ryan with Rainbow


August 27, 2011
Ryan with Glenn Lake Smallmouth

Ryan with Glenn Lake Smallmouth

Only a fishing dad would ever understand the thought I’m going to express in this blog. My son likes fishing. l love and always have loved fishing. He is not as “into it” as I ever was. You know you have a fishing addiction when you can fish all day and night and the next day and the day after that your thoughts are only, when can I go again. This describes me and those that are like me and LOVE fishing. If you don’t get it, don’t try to. It is a passion that I cannot explain.

I have always taken my son out as much as he would allow me. Wife is also over-protective – these trips need to be documented with a US Coast Guard trip planner and check in calls to the boss for confirmation that not a hair on this boys head is bothered in any ways shape or form. So you see there is a layer of politics (ok, she calls it love) that I need to always deal with.

So anytime I get with him on the water – I cherish.  Any experience we share -I cherish. I have fished with a lot of friends and very fond of our trips together however; this person is special – he is my son, best friend, and fishing buddy (even if he is not as “into it” as me).

After a good hard skunking on a striper fishing trip last night, I needed to rinse the boat after her salty excursion and trailer this morning. Took the boy out with me for this and made a few casts. Within about 5 minutes his drag is screaming and he is all smiles and excited as could be. I coached him as I always do to keep the rod tip up, keep the line away from the motor, and to go easy on him. He did all of this and I know we shared a proud moment that we will never forget.

He always likes to catch fish and who doesn’t? What he did next was kind of cool though and capture my heart in a way that I never would have predicted. We bumped the trolling motor into high speed to hit a cove that we know has some good largemouth. When we got there, I quickly spotted a carp that must of pushed the 20 pound mark. I gave him my sunglasses and he was very excited. He instantly casted to this big fish and spooked him but I consulted with him that, “carp don’t like senkos son, they like doughballs made from bread”. Manning the trolling motor I turned the boat and nearly slipped on some of the items that my son was emptying from the cooler. I asked him what he was doing.

He replied, “looking for the sandwiches that mom put in here”. Nope, no sandwiches. He then took a cookie and told me that this should work. He saw her make them and it has flour in it, same as bread. Too funny. But the ambition and effort that he was applying to want to catch this fish that we saw was outstanding. Reminded me of myself when I was his age wanting to catch everything that swims.

We did try to catch the carp after a few casts with his cookie, but did not land a fish with it. Point being that it was AWESOME to see him so “into it” and have such a great time with him.

Fishing on my Birthday!

January 18, 2010

Went ice fishing with my wife, son, and nephew today. Joined later by my brother, niece, and friend. Was a great day on the ice. Not a lot of action but sure was nice out for a January day. And my bday!

Ryan caught a nice (actually huge) yellow perch and to end the day a decent largemouth bass. Had fun.