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Curse of the big net – the one that got away (winni derby story)

May 21, 2009

We got up to the lake Thursday night kind of late. I had one brother with me and the other was waiting for me up in Paugus bay to launch and dock at the house we were staying at. Arriving late 9PMish, we decided a night time launch was not in our best interests. Windy that night too.

Next day we were out trolling my favorite big fish waters and within an hour one of the leadcore lines whipped off of it’s clip on the starboard side planer board line. Here comes a new boat – we both thought! This being my 1st time out this year (latest I have ever waited) I grabbed the rod and started on the fish. I was so excited that this was only going to be the start of the day; I decided to be a good brother and handed the rod to my younger brother.

After moving the inside downrigger rod and line out of the way I ran up to the front of the boat to grab the net. I picked it up and then hear my brother shout, “get the big net.. this is a good fish!” Cool beans. I get to use my big net I thought. This big net as we call it is a deep wide net with a 6 foot handle. I could probably net a striper with it if I wanted to.

As I return I hear some splashing and then my brother in distress with some choice words. I then asked, what is wrong. He pointed down to about 6-7 feet out from the boat and there swam a giant pig of a salmon parallel to the boat about 6 inches down. The line from the rod was wrapped abound the downrigger line after the fish lunged for the boat and wrapped the line.

It is like the task that no netter ever wants. The chances of loosing this fish were greater than landing it. Reaching out for the fish in efforts to net it, it rolled and swam down into the water breaking the 4 pound line like it was a planned tease for what would then become a long weekend of smaller fish for us to only remember being close to such a big fish.

All stories should have a happy ending though so on a positive note we all had a fun time just fishing for the weekend. Each year this derby puts us together to fish without excuses of busy schedules or other venues that interupt what we so cherish in life.



August 2nd, 2008 – Glen Lake

August 2, 2008

Just went to rinse the boat off from the saltwater trip and brought the dog so she could swim. Brought the jigging rod too though. 😉

Two fish fairly quick on cover. I noticed they were relating to the weedlines near deaper water so I targeted that for a few minutes. Just as I was about the leave (20 minutes into it) I see my line moving. I tightened up and set the hook. Wow, I thought – good fish. Around the boat the fish swam and had me running to the back of the boat like I did the night before for the big striper. Got to the back and landed a nice 4.5 pound largemouth bass. Wow, another good fish.

Left with a smile shortly after that. August is a better month so far.

July 31st 2008 – Gorham Pond

July 31, 2008

Went to Gorham pond with the boat, boy, and wife. We fished a little. Did not get anything. Too hot. Swam a little and came home before the regularly scheduled thunderstorm that we get EVERY AFTERNOON.