New Kayak Works

June 17, 2009

Finally got out to the salty-water today. 1st time this season. Also the 1st time in my new Trident 15. What an awesome ride.

Got there at 5:30AM as someone was leaving. He told me the schoolies were up. I got out there a little ways and yes they were there and playful. Caught a few to 24 inches, then as the sun fully came up they shut down.

More yaks and boats started to arrive but nobody else was catching either. As I paddled along I kept spooking fish (that would not bite and seemed to be on the move). Then I finally had one willing to play. A boil… a splash…. a tug and a miss…. Re-cast to the same spot. Boil, splash, and hook-set. BANG! A giant tail rolls over into the water creating a lovely splash. As line proceeded to strip off of my reel, I hear a voice in my head tell me that have yet to catch even a keeper from any of my kayaks yet. I smiled then heard another voice saying, “Brian, don’t screw this up – K?”. OK, I thought.

Before I knew it the kayak must have been at 10 MPH. Looking at the shoreline I smiled as I realized that THIS IS ALSO MY 1st REAL SLEIGH RIDE!  WHOOOO HOOOO!

After a good fight, I landed the behemoth and got my 1st keeper of the year in on my 1st trip and in my new yak! What a great morning. I would like to thank a fellow NEKF member kenmathis for taking some pictures for me. Thanks again Ken!

Taped out at 42 inches and weighed 23+ pounds.


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