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July 6th 2008 – Deering Res

July 6, 2008

Did a short family trip to Deering. Actually went to Massasecum lake but those jerks at the casino don’t allow kayaks on their shoreline? that kind of killed what we were trying to do. They are just money hungry losers. When we went camping there for a week years ago it was the WORST experience camping ever. They did not enforce any rules then and allowed drunks to swear loudly all night long, ride atvs around the camp, etc. Not the place to bring the kids. Maybe to party it up but don’t bring your kayak or boat as they don’t allow it? What losers.

July 5th 2008 – Rye Harbor / Piscatqua River area

July 5, 2008

Hit the big lake today (the Atlantic ocean) for some bait fishing. Hearing reports of good mackerel around I wanted to try it. We found the macs right away and proceeded to fill the livewells with them. Probably got around 70-80 all on sabaki rigs. Pitched live ones to the rocks and trolled with them without a single bite. Went all the way up into the river area twice and our second trip all the way to the 95 bridge. Nothing.

Later that day while jigging the bottom hoping to catch a flounder, I hooked into a fish I had never caught or seen before. It was a Sea Robing. What and odd looking fish but neat. Wanted to take a picture but while I had it along side the boat, I was confused at how to land it and lost it. Oh well. Day without fish.

July 4th 2008 – Massabesic Lake

July 4, 2008

Massabesic Lake
Hit Massy with Nelson later in the day for a couple of hours. We were just out to get out. Nelson had a loon chase his bait back to the boat which freaked both of us out a little. Got one smallmouth on a senko and that was it. Nothing spectacular but then again it was the 4th of July.