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June 8th 2008 – Glenn Lake

June 8, 2008

Went out with Ryan for a couple of hours to Glenn lake. Headed up the river and back looking for fish. Did not find much though. Then in my old reliable spot, I did not even get a bite? What was up? Ha ha. It was windy and we just let the wind blow us around a bit. Ryan was casting really well that day but I could tell he had some trouble with that cheap reel. I hooked into a decent largemouth but lost it as the wind was pushing us up onto someones shore. I hooked up again on another smaller fish and landed it. Found them? Trolling motor battery was weak and I could not stay in that spot. Moved along down further but no more fish to speak of. Still a great day out with the boy.

June 7th 2008 – Joppa

June 8, 2008

My brother is a sucker for a good striper trip. Took him out to Joppa hoping that the action would only get better than what I did in the previous week. We got on a few fish but had to work hard to find them. No keepers but did get some to 24 inches. Seems that they were feeding better at dead low or the tail end of that tide anyways.

June 2nd 2008 – Joppa / Merrimack River

June 2, 2008
My 1st striper trip of the year was with Nelson. We headed out to Joppa flats for some light tackle action. As we were motoring away from the boat ramp in Newburyport, we saw bait jumping out of the water. Motor probably ran for less than a minute and we see this? I knew it was going to be a good day. Saw another guy with a fly rod hooking up too near the river channel. Nelson hooked up 1st cast. Then he proceeded to catch several more. All schoolies. He was using a weighted sluggo while I was using a surface sluggo. I unfortunately did not hook up right away as I was also trying to control the boat with a heavy current and a lot of moored boats and dock area near the bridge. We moved to the other side of the bridge figuring that we would have the same action out on the flats with hopefully bigger fish. As we got on the other side of the bridge the feed bags were on in full force with fish busting everywhere. An old friend used to say, “don’t leave fish to find fish” and that thought is what shut the motor off. Tried with the fly rod for a few unscuccesfully then switched back to the sluggo. Caught 2 schoolies then on my 3rd fish I caught a 33 inch striper. What an awesome fish!. I think this bite lasted for about 2 hours or so then we went hunting for more fish. Got slower but start seeing some bigger fish as the tide was dropping. Big ones too. They were swimming in 3 feet of water out on the flats and would not touch anything we had. Sun was too bright and no wind made us easy to see which may have been why. Later on at dead low we started catching some more schoolies. Was a good 1st day out on the salt.