June 22nd 2008 – Massabesic Lake

June 22, 2008

My first outing with the new Kayak. I did not have a paddle yet so I needed to go to LLBean to pick one up. Brought Ryan with me as he was also wanting to try the kayak out. He actually thinks it is his because I told him that he would get a yellow one and I would get a blue one.

Got it in the water and paddled out across the bay by the sailboats over to the shoreline heading towards Manchester. Did not really plan that but just wanted to target something to paddle to and hoping that there would be fish there. Got there and found a pod of sunfish on beds. Ryan had a blast catching one after another. He could see the fish biting too which added to the excitement. I hooked into something near some lily pads that move through the water like a pike. I’ll bet it was. Fish was in control on that one and moved at an angle then released the hook. It was big whatever it was.

Ryan caught 7 sunfish and kept counting as he caught them saying the next number is how many he wanted to catch. While working on number 8 I wanted to move further down to see if there were any bass. I said, I want to try another spot to find some fish. He said, they were right there where we were fishing. I said lets try another spot and if we don’t get them we will go back. I took one cast then heard the paddles moving water. Looked back and said, what are you doing? He said, you did not catch anything so we are going back. Ha ha.

We headed in and put a checkbox next to this day as a special one. The week before he fell down at a fisher cats game and ended up with 6 stitches claiming that to be the worst day of his life. After coming back from this trip, as we ate dinner he looked at me and said, “daddy, this was the best day of my life!”. Ha ha. What an awesome thing to hear.

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