June 21/22 2008 – Joppa Night Trip

June 21, 2008

Having a skunk to reset, I needed to catch something. Had been a couple of weeks since I went out on the salt and I was hearing good reports of a nite bight out on Joppa. Having only done this once before without success I hesitated on planning it and had lots of other things going on that kept planning this out of the picture. Finally, at the last minute around 9-10 PM after my Table Lodge from the Masons, I decided on heading out to see what would happen. Oddly I called Nelson up around 10PM and asked him what he was doing. He said, I’m going striper fishing with a friend? I said, you want to do that from a boat?

Nelson and his buddy Rick met up with me out in Newburyport and we headed for the flats. Weather was perfect and as soon as we got out on the flats we heard big fish busting. Loud splashes. Traffic was not too bad out there either.

I was using one of the bigger sluggos on a heavier rod and got a few bumps. Rick also reported feeling a bump or two. Put some smelly jelly on my bait after that and eventually the bump became a bent rod. I could tell I had a good fish on as it was taking line and splashing all over. I was worried that the fish would cross some of the other boats nearby and started the motor to chase it down a little. After about a 15 minute fight, I got the fish along side of the boat. Asked Nelson to grab it. Took him two hands to lift it out of the water. 22 pounds and 40 inches were the numbers. Fat, fat, fish too.

We fished the rest of the night all doing the same thing with the black or darker sluggos only to watch the sun rise. After it did, there were some boiling fish here and there. Nelson hooked up into a big fish at this time and had it on for about 5 minutes worth of stripping line. Then, his hook snapped off. That was a bummer. He hooked up one more time on another good fish but this time it was a much quicker release.

Nelson and I got a few more schoolies after the sun came up and then he actually caught a fishing pole. That was weird. It was a shorter surf casting rod. He later cleaned it up and found it to be in pretty good condition. See, you never know what you will catch in the ocean. 🙂

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