Sunday May 11th – Winnipesaukee Lake

May 11, 2008

After resolving the issue with my boat (bad thermostat), Shawn and I were up late again Saturday night working on the boat again getting it ready.

Trolled down the bay. Lots of chatter on the radio with mixed reports. We hooked up about an hour in and not sure how long the fish was on there. On the rigger about 10 feet down. Saw many fish on the sonar and some even jumping around the boat and chasing down our bait in the prop wash. It was about a 20″ salmon caught on a wonderbread pattern top gun.

We moved along to try and find more spots instead of dregging the area clean of fish. I’m sure they are there and will be there when we return Friday. Next spot was not too far but we have caught some really good fish there in the past. One LDR then another which ended up being the big one for the day caught by Shawn. 22 inches and 3 pounds. Hot pink db smelt was the lure that pulled in this stocky fish.

We moved to another spot we have never been to but looked good. All fish were on the riggers up until now. 3-4 more landed fish with at least one drop.

Moved back to our 1st spot and picked up another bigger fish. Boat traffic was getting busy so we decided to call it a day.

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