Sunday May 5th – Winnipesaukee Lake

May 5, 2008

We were dying to get out to do some real fishing on the big pond. Another late Saturday night working on the boat; mounting the downrigger and about a million other little jobs. Went to AJs to get a cannon ball for the new rigger. I ended up getting two of them. Oh ya, and bought another downrigger just like the one I had bought just 2 weeks prior. He he. I will not be pulling two riggers from my boat.

About halfway down the bay I hooked a fish. Not sure the size but I think it was pretty close to 17-18″. Then about 1/2 hour later we had a LDR on a much better fish. A 3rd fish was probably about 19″. I forget but think that one came on the lead. Lead was fished 1-2 colors and the rigger was at 10-15 feet.

Not long into the day my motor alarm went off. The bad one which I know either means no oil or overheat. I let it cool down for a bit. Started it then got the alarm within 10 minutes. Did this again and then decided it was not something to mess with and headed in.

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