Mixed trip, Sunday April 27th

April 27, 2008

Was a rainy and cool day. Wanted to go up to Winni but Saturday the 26th was opening day for our Tball league. What a long day that was. My daughters 1st game as well. So Sunday I woke up with no plans. Saw a downrigger posted on a forum that I frequent and sent an email inquiring about it. Before you knew it I was heading up there with my brother Shawn and nephew Nick to check it out / buy it.

To make the trip a little fun, we also went to Alton bay and fished from the docks for a few. Then we stopped at Clough pond and then various places along the Sucook river. I caught 2 fair rainbows at the last spot. It was getting dark so we headed home. After getting home, I noticed I lost my cell phone. Headed back to the last spot and found it. That was a pain. I had the phone on vibrate too so the old call your phone from another trick made it harder to locate. Luckily, I have my wife’s cell phone set to always ring and found it with hers out in the wooks along the river bank.

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