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January 6th, 2008 Hopkinton Lake

January 6, 2008

My wife wanted to join my son and I for this trip so we let her. We were glad she did and we all had a blast.

We set out to find Clement pond in Hopkinton but could not find any public access. Drove around for a while. Maps were wrong and roads were marked private in several places. Decided to change plans and head to a different lake to make the most of the day. We decided on Hopkinton Lake. Also known as Stumpfeild we were still targeting crappie.

We arrived and headed out. Drilled a few test holes to show my wife and there was even more ice here than on Gorham pond. Plenty of ice. We had a blast and caught a few fish including a pickerel, some perch, and even a monster black crappie that Ryan and I dropped at the hole. It was such a nice day out we stayed until the sun set which was very cool to watch with mild temps and good company. We all enjoyed the day to the max.


January 5th, Gorham Pond

January 5, 2008

Hit the ice with my son Ryan today. We started the day off planning to head north so we could also pick up some bait on the way. Went to Steve’s and got about 4 dozen shiners then headed west to fish our favorite father/son pond.

We arrived late and had to scale a huge snowbank to get to the ramp. With all of the gear and stuff we were hoofing it out there. Setup a bunch of traps and them our shanty. Just after setting up we started getting flags. Got about 20 or so flags and probably 15 or so fish for the day.

At the end of the day we were about the pack up when we got a visitor. A man and his son stopped by to say hello and we chatted for a bit. Cool to talk to and he lived nearby and said he like to fish that pond as well.

Getting dark now we packed up and headed for the truck. I loaded up the gear and got ready to go when I noticed I could not find my cell phone. Looked everywhere and in the heavy snow I was very worried. I dug through several parts of the snowbank with my bare hands to no avail. Now dark, I ventured back out to look for it on the ice. Went from hole to hole and guess what I found? Nope, it was not the phone, rather a trap we left out in the water. Picked that up and said forget it. I figured my wife would call. As I was walking I started to hear it ring. Looking all over I zoned in on an area but did not see it right away. Finally, I saw a glow in the snow blink off. I dug into the snow and there it was. Wow, that kind of sucked!

Even with the mishap of the phone it was an awesome day out with my son.