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Glen Lake, Goffstown – September 8th, 2007

September 8, 2007

Took the family to Glen lake for a late morning stroll. It was very hot outside and yet we still made the best of it. Hit one of my favorite spots and pulled 3 decent largemouth out right away. Then we hit a shoreline where my boy cast his lure on a bobber by himself and caught himself his own fish. That was awesome! It was a big sunfish.

We headed into the river and upstream Ryan caught several more sunfish. I also got a small smallmouth. Ryan was set on getting 4 fish. Once he got 4 that was it; he was done. He even let Jenn use his lucky pole to land herself a sunfish.

Headed home shortly after that for lunch. What a great trip with the family today.


Rye Coast – September 02, 2007

September 2, 2007

Hit the rocks after a long day at Hampton beach. It was crowded. However, there were bunker pods everywhere in hampton so I was enthralled to hit a few spots in Rye in the afternoon on the way home. 1st spot produced several hits and a decent 22″ schoolie. That was it. Tried a few more spot but it was also packed with people. Not a lot of people fishing but worst rock tossers. Ha ha. Not sure what is worst; showing up to your favorite spot and finding someone already fishing it, or someone there just pegging rocks out to it.

Joined in on a shoreline and threw rocks with the kids.