Rye Coast NH

August 19, 2007

On the way home from an air show at Pease AFB we tried to avoid the traffic and targeted to drive the Ocean side along the Rye Coast down into Hampton. Hit a couple of spots and gave it a few casts each. On the 1st spot the wife and kids got out and joined for a little bit. My son wanted to throw some rocks into the water (and he did). 2nd spot my wife insisted that I just went alone and that they would wait in the truck. OK, that means hurry up right? So I take full advantage of this and literally ran through the sharp rocks down to the best pool in the area. I have fished it before and at a dropping tide it is a great place to target monsters. After many casts, I was about to leave. Now, people like me say 1 more cast and if you counted how many times we do this…. Well, I won’t go there. I’m sure my wife was counting though as she was watching from the truck.

I got a couple of good hits from a 7.5 inch squid colored sluggo fishing it on the surface. But they were short striking it and I was worried that I was missing even what could be smaller fish. At this point I would like to catch something so I switch off to a smaller sluggo on a jig head. About 10 casts later and no more hits, I switch back to the 7.5 that I got the bites on. Then after 4-5 casts I get another hit. Same short striker though. So I slow it down and WHAM! (batman edit), I get a giant swirl. Cool I thought, I wonder if there is any size. Looking down at my drag it was spinning like it was going down a hill. Then I see the tail swoosh as it boiled the water from it changing direction. I looked back at my wife and smiled. Later I learned that my family were all dicussing whether I had a fish or was stuck.

By the time I fought the fish long enough to bring it in, I realized that I was up above the water about 7-8 feet and would have to be creative with all of the sharp rocks and those that were not sharp were covered in weeds. I pulled the fish into a pocket and on the 7th gust of the tide, it washed the fish literally right up into reaching distance. I picked it up and waved the fish to my wife in hopes she would see it and run out with the camera. I then called her to come take a picture.

While waiting, I took the hook out and measured this fat healthy looking striper. I thought it would be close to keeper size but it was so fat and stocky looking I had my doubts. It was 27 inches on the nose. my guess is that it went over 12 pounds though.

Looking up for my wife I did not see her and did not want to have to work to revive this fish. Saw and good backwash come into a pool behind me and I gentle sent her on her merry way. Then I look up and here comes my wife with the camera. I called her and said it was too late.

No picture but I have the memory. I would like to think that capped it off but on my way out I saw some dude hanging out with two girls. He asked why I did not keep it. I said it was too short. OK, he said but what they don’t know ain’t gonna hurt them. I told him I would know and that was enough. I also informed him that the laws are there to keep it so I can catch more of those.

Some people will never get it. There is more to life than being a selfish prick. God did not put us here to live like thieves so why derivate from what is right when you know what is wrong.

Back to my trip… we hit a seafood play (Rays) not too far from there and had dinner. Not bad. They don’t give you a lot of food but enough to fill your gut. They probably expect you to buy appetizers and pump you full of drinks before the food? Not sure but it was ok food and my wife did not have to cook.


One Response to “Rye Coast NH”

  1. nhangler Says:

    Rays Seafood in Rye New Hampshire is a ripoff. The overcharged my credit card about 11 bucks. What losers. I left a $10 tip in cash too to be nice to the waitress. I will never eat here again.

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