Nashua River, Nashua

August 15, 2007

Hit the Nashua river after work with a couple of guys from work. We were going to to to Potanipo lake but I figured it would of been too much of a drive to get in what daylight we had.

On the water by 6:30ish and headed up to one of my favorite spots. There were some other boats there but not too many. One in the cove I planned on fishing but that is ok. We bumped around for a little while with only a couple of bits.

I then got a couple on a jig+pig. Topwater was not doing anything yet. Justin then got a bass on a senko. He was pumped and wanted to get some more. Mike was working hard to put a fish in the boat too but I think the fish hated him tonight. I think we got a few more bites and Justin another fish further down the same flat near some stumps and weeds. Some fish rising in the middle we shot accross to the other side. I pitched my jig to a fallen tree and watched my line travel out away from it. I set the hook as hard as I could and up came a 4-5 pounder. Head shaking from side to side like a gator with a rope around his snout. Then plunk! It was gone. I fell to my knees with an artificial cry for sorry. That was the pig of the night and I slapped it on the nose. OK, keep working along the weeds and fighting the mosquitoes off.

We hit another spot and this time used jitterbugs. Mike had some good noise on his as did I but the fish were not hooking up at all. Night was warm too. Not like the night at Northwood a couple of weeks ago.

Mike eventually had to go in. Justin and I headed back out for another half hour or so. Enough to finish all of the beers.

Headed home and it was on this night that my jack finally broke on my trailer. So it was stuck on my truck to deal with in the AM. Not cool. Time for a new one I guess.

Was great to get out with these guys and I hope to do it again. maybe on a better night or during the day.


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