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May 26th, 2007 Glenn Lake

May 26, 2007

Ryan with a 3 pound smallieSpur of the moment, 1st day of vacation for me sprint to hit the water I went to Glenn lake with Ryan. It was a gorgeous day out and the short morning trip for us was a good one. We found a nice 3.5 pound smallmouth bass near the river section on a bed. I hooked the fish and handed him the rod. He reeled in in and was EXCITED! He then held it for a picture and let it go. Wow, my son with a huge smallie. Just what I needed for breakfeast. Can’t wait for him to get his 1st 5 pound largie or 36″ striper, or 23″ salmon. He will… in time… he will.


May 23rd, 2007 Gorham Pond

May 23, 2007

Planned to go fishing with Ryan after I picked him up from School today (which he loves). We got an after lunch start but eventually made it to the pond.

When we motored off away from the ramp Ryan wanted to do something that he never did before; go fast! Wow, he finally has broken his fear of going fast in the boat. I would have to drive really slow in the boat until this day. It was a big breakthrough and will put us on different lakes for sure.

For the fishing today, my 1st guess was that the bass were either spawning or done spawning. Trying to get Ryan on some sunfish I was working ths shallows in a cove with him to find some sunnys when I saw a hog largemouth swim by. Still unsure if it was spawned out or not, I revisited the spot after circling around outside of there in the weeds. Ryan hooked up with a sunfish and it was pretty exciting to see the little guy on a fish again. He was reeling it in saying, it is fighting pretty hard dady. I think I will win though cuz I’m stronger. Grunt, eh, got em’.

The day went on and I saw several nice fish on beds. I did try for them but focussed more on Ryan hooking up. He caught 7 sunfish and kept them all in a livewell in the front of the boat. He wanted to bring them home and have his mom cook them so we could eat them. I talked him out of it and told him to wait for a salmon. NOw, all he talks about is catching a salmon. That is not a bad thing though right? 🙂

It was a super day with my boy. Short trip but we had a blast with it. Headed home to bring Jen to her softball game in Hopkington.


Winnipesuakee Lake – May 6th, 2007

May 6, 2007

Had planned a trip with Shawn and Jay for Winni. Shawn and I met up with Jay in the morning after a little bit of a late start. It was a great day though.

A little chilli and heavy winds expected we launched from Merideth bay. Trolled right out across the bay on out. Had a good bite but then we lost it. Jay’s blood was pumping I’m sure. We setup all of the lines including the fly rod outfit I put together for Jay. He was ready for a fish I tell ya.

Jay finally hooked into a fish and we landed it for him. It was a nice little salmon around 17 or so inches. Next Shawn got one about the same size or so.

I then witnessed the planer line on my side of the boat dragging like I’ve never seen before. I picked up the rod and ripped up as much line as I could reel in. Then the battle was on. I kept cranking and keeping the line tight while at the same time adjusting the drag. As I got into the mono leader I could tell this was a really good fish. Nearing the boat the shadow of a beautiful monster salmon looked up at us and then dove down stripping line off of my 200 series reel like it was a yo yo on it’s way down the spool. This fish had 2-3 more good runs like this then I was getting nervous. It came up and Shawn missed it at least once that I remember. It was a pretty smart fish and was not ready to die. Finally Shawn reached all the way out with the net and grabbed it. It was flapping all over the net and Shawn looked like he was trying to touch the clouds with it keeping it up so high as to avoid loosing her. 23.5 inches and nearly 4 pounds this baby weighed. What a fish! This is my best Salmon to date.

We moved around at bit to some other spots and then Jay got another fish. This was was almost 20 inches and he kept it for eats. Plus it looked cute next to my monster in the livewell. 🙂

Shawn put the smack down and was reeling in a good fish. As it neared the boat though he lost it. 😦 It was not a keeper size but a nice fish.

At the end of the day we had a couple of more bites but no landings.

I tried hard for the rest of the day after I got my toad to get on on the fly. Did not happen unfortunately. Maybe next time?

We headed in just after noon or so and headed home.

This was one of the most awesome fishing days I have ever had with my brothers. Really it was a blast. I hope we can do this again soon. It was fun.