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Winnipesuakee Lake – April 21, 2007

April 21, 2007

Headed to the big lake with my brother Shawn. We were in search of some very early ice out salmon. Went out of center harbor with great excitement. 1st trip out with the boat this year.

We had big hopes and many dreams of catchign some salmon on our new gear. We both had been buying stuff and working hard to find fish. Ice pacs were abound but drifting and soft. We ran through some ice early in the morning but it was nothing more than a slushi. That was about at mile island. Later that day the ice moved all the way down to Bear island.

However with all of our efforts we could not produce a fish. Saw some on the fish finder coming up but nothing on the rigs. We tried hard too. It was still great to get out, get the boat wet, and spend some time with my brother.

Later that day we stopped at Paugus Bay Sports. He said he was on a hot bite that morning and was shocked that we did not catch anything. We compared notes and I’m 100% we did everything that matters. He was still shocked. Bought a bunch of DB smelts from him and thanked him for the conversation and new lures.

Again, it was great to get out with Shawn. We will be coming back the following weekend to play again. He has a timeshare up in the white mountains that we will be staying at and plan to do some more fishing with our other brother Jay and good friends Lenny and Larry.