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Nubanusit Lake – February 4th, 2007

February 4, 2007

1st ice fishing trip with my atv. It was a cold day and I almost gave up on it. It was so cold that there were advisories in affect. I was still determined to get it out there and try my rig on the ice. Originally I planned to go to Winni but since it was a late start I figured I would go here since it is half the miles and a must shorter drive. And yet still a chance at catching a big laker or a bow.

Got there and unloaded. Kind of a funny story to tell here. After I unloaded it and most of my gear, I started it and then went to park my truck. When I got back it had stalled out. OK… it does this cuz its crazy cold out right? OK, sure. Try starting it again and nothing. There are now more people comeing and one was this guy a bit older than me with a dog. The dog (a black lab) runs up to me and I pet it and ask how old. After trying to start it again, I eventually give it a break. This guy then agrees and says, ya leave it off for a bit it must be flooded. After some smalltalk with this guy about how cold it was out, ice fishing, and 4 wheelers I try to start it again. Did not start. He says, hey is the gas on? I smiled at him and said, nope do you need to have it on. I laughed at myself and turned it on and it started right up.

I fished a few spots and was quick to move. I ahve wheels now and it feels so different on the ice. I love it. It

No fish but it was getting cold and I wanted to head out. Trailered the shanty folded up all day long but never set it up. Unloaded all the gear at the ramp and took a couple of rides across the ice. Real cool. I like this thing even more now.

I wore the helmet all day long and it kept me warm. Was not too cold except near the end when I went off a very windy point over deep water.

Another day for the books but I’ll be back there. Need to write about a big fish this year and I have a fealing it will be from there.