Granite Lake, February 25th 2007

February 25, 2007

 Ryan In Truck At Granite Lake

Set out to target Lake trout with Ryan on this cold day. It was much colder yesterday but it was supposed to warm up. The weather forecast was like a yo yo and until the actual sun was hitting our faces and the wind predictions of 20mph winds were slammed down by our steady determination to get out and fish, we almost did not go. I’m sure glad we did though and it will be another day to remember with the little man.

We got a late start. I won’t blame my wife but she definitely slowed down the early start I had going. She tried to retain us but our excitement and desire to go fishing canceled her channel completely. Sorry mom, I’m going fishing with Daddy.

Long drive but a nice one we saw some Turkeys on the way and also noticed some other neat things driving through small towns where life seems like it is so laid back. Arriving at the lake we unloaded our gear, dressed up and headed out.

Since it was supposed to be windy we were going to not venture too far out. Plus I had my sled filled to the max, the shanty, and of course Ryan if he got tired. It was not windy so I figured I would target the hump out in the middle and when it got windy or I got tired we would stop. Almost instantly Ryan wanted to ride the folded shanty because of the deep snow. Now here I was towing almost 80-90 pounds of gear in the sled and a 45 pound shanty being held down by a 47 pound kid. What was up with that? 🙂

Drilling as I went I found the hump. It was right where I left it! 🙂 Setup the house and then 3 tip-ups before taking a break in the shanty. Ryan had some hot chocolate and we hung out for a bit. However we were not in there tool long and while setting up the flasher we got a flag. It was something for sure. One of the smelt I had on the bottom in 50fow got wacked. I had out another smelt only he was just below the ice and the 3rd trap was a tip up sucker on the bottom.

Back in the house we setup the flasher and jigged for a bit. Dumped some chum down the hole then sent the camera down. At some point a fish approached but could only see him on the camera as he was about 5 feet off of the bottom. It went for my jig but then backed off. About 5 minutes later a flag was flying. The one with the tip up sucker on it too. We both snugged up and ran out to it. It had taken about 500 feet of line. Wow, it took forever to bring in. Yet Ryan and I managed to pull all of the line it and up pops this 19″ lake trout. Ryan’s 1st laker! I was excited and wanted to take a picture of him with it. However he was cold and he had his camera and took a photo of me and headed back to the house. I snapped one with my phone but just as I did Ryan was stuck in the snow and quite upset.

I picked him up and he was missing his boot. It fell off in the snow. He we cranky at this point and did not want to go in the house. I forced him into the house and put the heater on for him as I looked for his boot. As I did he was cussing at me that he was going to do things his way. As he said this I saw him tossing stuff out the door like my hat and thermos and hey man what are you doing. “I’m going to do things my way”, he said. He calmed down when I cracked open the hot chocolate and we had a little talk about how to behave.

After that we jigged for a while. Then we started seeing some big lakers on the camera. Wow, was that cool. They were eating the cut sucker I had on the bottom. They oddly did not touch the smelt and did not even consider out jigs. Still fun though to see them down there.

After a while we packed up and headed in. On the way we talked to some guys on the way in. They mentioned it was a tough day and when they asked how we did, Ryan replied, “I caught a bit trout out there”. They thought it was funny and congratulated him.

On our way home Ryan downed a whole bottle of water and a couple of cookies. He was fighting hard to stay awake but could not. Still a blessing to watch him fall asleep with a smile on his face.

Ryan was quite tired after that long day. I’m sure I’ll never hear the end of it. But we both had so much fun it was worth it to burn out like that. Once and a while won’t hurt right. 🙂


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