Winnipesuakee Lake, February 17th-19th, 2007

February 19, 2007

Went up to Winni for the weekend and as usual put the cusk traps out. Next day checking them I noticed that my #6 setup was gone. We drilled and setup in the dark so I kept questioning if the snow drifted over them or if we drilled more holes than needed. Most of them were buried in up to a foot in drifts. As I was looking for the hole, I was telling a guy I was with that you have to be careful with my chisel as it is missing the lanyard at the top and I need to replace it.

Checking holes I was poking around, hands freezing, big giant mittens on with slime from the bait now being reactivated by the wet snow and splashing opening these holes back up, I shoved it down into the snow and zing, there it went. Then I hear, hey can you bring that over here I think I found that last one. DOH!

After a little depression I grabbed the aqua vu and pointed the camera on down the hole. It was starting to get late and we had been all over center harbor with the camera on all day. Never the less I end up seeing my spud standing up into the floor of winni in 45 feet of water. All kinds of ideas fly around on how to jig it up and we come up with a ring of 12 gauge wire with a narrow crease at one end. Drilling a few holes we tried to see where we were positioned but the camera could not keep up. The battery died out.

Recharged it and went out the next morning. Drilled about an honest to goodness 20+ holes all within a 50 sq ft area and eventually using the camera and two holes connected I was able to swing and attach on to the handle. Fortunately it is a T-handle at the end and I was able to slide it up and catch the T. Slowly bringing it up we sifted the hole, brother roles up his sleeves like he’s landing a fish, another guy behind me managing the excess line as to not tangle, and as it came into view in the hole my brother grabbed it and tossed it onto the ice like it was a 4 foot pike. I shouted aloud with joy.

For the 20 bucks or whatever it was worth I was not bothered by actually losing it. But after trying and trying to get it back, it became like an ebay auction I had to win. I won. Grin

As for the fishing we bought way too much bait. My brother Jay did catch a HUGE salmon. It measured in at 23″. Went back of course but what a fish. On a jig no less. More of that story to come. Hopefully he comments on it in here.


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