Gorham Pond – February 10th, 2007

February 11, 2007

Went fishing today with my best friend. Guess who? My son Ryan. It was truly an awesome day with him. We talked a lot, ice skated, and finally caught some fish through the ice.

Ryan with a pickerel

Originally I was planning on going to do the Winni Rotary derby. I wanted to but I also have been promising Ryan that we would go again together. Somewhere around Tuesday I decided that this weekend would be me and him. Derby or wherever it would be – it would be us.

Opting to not do the derby we headed to Gorham pond. Hopefully I could put the little guy on some fish. We had breakfast and then packed up the truck with all the gear. On the way to the pond we talked about what we would fish for and came to an agreement that Ryan would catch a big fish and I would also catch a big fish. Boy this kid loves to plan it all out ahead of time. 🙂

We walked out to our spot near a point that we do well on during the spring and summer. I drilled about 10 holes and then setup about half of the traps. We then setup the shanty and turned on the heat. After warming up a little we put out the rest of the traps. Before we were done, we  had a flag. Ryan pulled in a nice pickerel through the ice. Wow, what a nice fish.

Heading in for some  hot chocolate we went back into the shanty and each had a cup. By the time we were done the hot chocolate we had another flag up. Ran out to check it and this time it was another pickerel. After pulling in the fish and snapping a quick picture we released the fish and looked up to see another flag up. Wow, two in a row. Ran over and checked it out. Another pickerel. What a good bite today.

On the way back to the hole we stopped and ice skated on this small patch of glare ice. Ryan loved that. He laughed and giggled as we would take long runs and would stop on the ice sliding across. Weeee.

In the shanty we had more hot chocolate, shared a twinkie (his mom don’t like us eating those), had some good conversation and even a bunch of good laughs together just joking around. What an absolute hoot this little guy can be. After a few more cycles of chasing flags and warm-ups in the shanty we eventually packed it up and headed back.

On the way back we met some fellas that just got into ice fishing. We answered a few of their questions and even lent them my pliers so they could unhook a fish they just caught. Ryan of course told them of all the fish he just caught and they complimented him. Then Ryan found a giant patch of ice and wanted to skate for a while. We did and had some more fun. Headed home to tell mom all about it of course.

These are the best days of my life with this person. He is the world to me and I cherish every moment of it.


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