Gorham Pond, November 11, 2006

November 11, 2006

Went fishing with my best friend today – my son Ryan. It such was a gorgeous day. The weather was like a warm spring day and I heard “I love you daddy” from mr. smiles all day long. That was amazing to have such a great day together. We both had pleny of fun, laughs, and fish (well Ryan caught most of the fish).

Ryan trolled a dilly worm and I threw a silver buddy, jig, spinnerbait, and a crankbait. I caught one small perch early in the day (actually snagged it) and Ryan got two bigger fish.

The 1st big fish was a huge perch. It was over a pound for sure. I have a photo but not digital so it will have to wait to be posted. We did get it on video and it was impressive for a yellow perch. He even held the fish by the lips this time for the picture. Cool Ryan.

The next fish was a sun fish. That fish hit as soon as we threw it out. Ryan grabbed the rod, listened to me and set the hook when I told him. He did great and reeled in the fish all by himself. Also got this on video. Wow, that was cool to watch him do this by himself.

Ryan with a sunfish

At the end of the day we met this gentlemen that was telling us that his son was Ryan’s age when he started taking him fishing and now his son is 47 and a fishing fanatic. Ryan got to tell the man about his big fish that he caught and he congradulated Ryan for his catch. Nice to meet people like this. Makes you believe the world still has some people worth talking to as a fellow human.

Ryan and his dad

It was an awesome day. Nice weather and great company. Could not have been better. We both had a super blast. After loading the boat on to the trailer, Ryan had to go back down to the boat launch to throw some rocks in.

Ryan at the lauch



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