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Glen Lake, October 7th, 2006

October 7, 2006

OK, 1st off this was not supposed to be a trip out fishing. However, I ended up catching fish so IT NEEDS TO BE DOCUMENTED! 🙂

On my way back from the Saltwater trip with Nelson and Nick, I stopped to rinse my trailer and run my motor in Glen lake like I usually do. I like to do this with every saltwater trip as well as wash my boat from front to back, top to bottom, and then repeat the wash including my trailer to make sure there is no salt sticking to it.

I zipped up the lake and then filled my livewells, turned on all of the plumbing, backed up and took in some water over the back, etc… Then I said, hmmm… what sunset. I’ll bet you the water warmed up today and with the wind blowing all day and now calm, it should be a good bite? Indeed it was.

Throwing a senko on just a hook from one of my saltwater rigs, I tossed it to a shoreline I like to fish. BANG! I set the hook and reel in about a 2.5+ pound pickeral. Wow, it was pretty big and fun too. Next cast, a 2 pound smallmouth. Wow, that was cool. Within a couple / few more casts about a 3 pound smallmouth now makes its way on to my hook and in my boat. Wow! Now I feal spoiled. Pushing my luck I keep fishing these docks and buzzing down the shoreline like Kevin Van Dam in a trolling motor nascar race. I then hooked into about a 3.5 pound largemouth bass. Yikes. OK, what about if I throw my Yozuri saltwater jerkbait out to this rock in fairly open water behind me. OK, answer was a 1.5 pound HUGE crappie. I though to myself, it is time to go. If I catch another fish in this 10 minutes nobody is going to believe me. 🙂


Beverly / Salem, October 7, 2006

October 7, 2006

Planned a saltwater trip with my two nephews, Nick and Nelson. Heard that the action was continued from the past two weeks down there and we wanted to get to those fish from my boat. We were at the ramp by 8:30 AM or so. High tide was at 11:40 AM and it was supposed to be a minus tide which meant we would have to be back by around 3 to use that ramp. A Strong 15mph north east wind with gusts to 20mph.

Went right out into the harbor (Beverly harbor that is) and it was like a ghost town. No birds, boats heading into the river instead of out, and no fish. We looked for fish for a while and blind casted in Beverly along the points and beaches then down into the Salem Willows for a while with no luck.

Deciding to head in to calmer water and hopefully better fishing we went about 1/2 way up the Danvers river to Nelson’s favorite spot in a backwater section. It was near or at high tide at this time and the wind though less was still blowing right along. I got about 6 schoolies scattered around in there and Nicky got one which was also the biggest of them.

We got bored in there and headed back out into the harbor for another look to see if the fish came back out. Nope, not yet. Headed back in and all the way back up to the same spot in Danvers. No fish this time. Along the way we watched seagul get zapped and fall from a 200′ high powerline. It landed like 50 feet from the boat. Was like watching a drunk fall over. Too funny, we all laughed to that one pretty hard.

Still no laughs to the quality of the fishing. I even took out the fly rod and tried a few casts with a couple of different fly patterns. Got to try out my homemade stripping basket though. It worked and I think I could get used to it. Just not on such a windy day and 3 people in my boat.

We slowly left there and fished a few spots along the way back to the ramp with no luck. 7 Schoolies for this slow day and a tough bite from others we talked to throughout the day.

It was still a fun day with these two guys. We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed being out in ths sun fishing. Maybe next time the fish will co-operate with our plans.

Salem Willows – October 1st, 2006

October 1, 2006

Headed down to the North Shore today. Stopped and pickedup Nelson around 7AM. We went to the Salem Willows targetting Salem Harbor. 1st spot was too windy and even with our long casts with the wind we were getting no bites and low confidence.

Moving on to another spot in the truck, not yet decided, we cut into a parking lot not even 1/4 mile a way. I wanted to check out the inside of the harbor more. Looking down from a steep wall we saw a couple of others out on the beech area fishing. Looking further down we saw sparse birds, none working any bait but they were just flying around. Two points look real good so we drove down there and walked down to them with all our tackle.

At the 1st point we were blind casting out and noticed that the birds were starting to work the surface in spots. I saw a guy fishing in a boat (kind of funny) and noticed that fish were snapping at his back cast of his fly rod and he did not even notice. No birds near him but you could see boils of fish behind his boat. Eventually he must of caught some? I don’t know because that is when I started catching some schoolies.

We nudged down the shoreline a little more targeting the birds that kept moving. They were steady on bait for at least an hour and a half. It was amazing to see so many birds. Kind of felt like I was in the middle of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller.

Nelson broke off and trying to help him out, I I tossed my setup for him to cut off my line and use (as it was producing) and just then fish started busting on the surface right out in front of me. He threw it back out and said no way, go get those guys. I thank Nelson for that as my next cast produced a nice 23-24 inch fish.

Salem Willows Striper

He changed his game plan and was now determined to try something new (for him). He was throwing a large popper style bait and chugging it on the surface. Splash! he had a strike and a miss. But that excited him enough to scream like he had a keeper on and flock a crowd of all the nearby anglers to either sides of us. Plenty of room though and everyone seemed to be good about sharing the fish.

Finally Nelson got one on the popper and was wicked psyched! He screamed even louder this time and now a boats were coming near the shore for the action. I’ll tell you if I ever need to let anyone know I’m in trouble, I’ll let him know. 🙂

After a few more fish the birds died down, the fishing died down. Slow for about a half hour and enough for me to want to move to another spot. Nelson too. We headed up to leave and climbed the ledge and up the hill. We turned to look at the water again and WOW!!!!!!!! the birds were back up and this time they were RIGHT SMACK IN FRONT OF US. Litterally like 15-20 feet out from shore with busting fish everywhere.

I’ve never scaled down a rock wall so quick. You could of repelled with roped down that and I still would have beat you. Throwing out I think I got a fish every cast and Nelson pulled in another. Then I hear, oh “FXXX”. He lost his popper. I told him to come grab another bait and keep going. By the time he came over to where I was the fish were moving down the shoreline out of reach. He went up to the truck and got a box of plugs and we both tried for some more. I think I got a couple more then that was it. Slowed down to a crawl.

Headed back in to bring Nelson home as he needed to be in Malden by a certain time. We fished for few minutes in the river near his place but slow, cold, gloomy, and just wasn’t happening.

I went to some bait shops in Beverly then went to Independance park. Contimplated going out as the wind was kicking very hard. White caps and rollers everwhere. I though, well maybe they are stuffed into that and maybe there is a bunch of bait in there? Was an hour before low tide and that area was real shallow. Within a couple of dozen casts I called it a day.

Headed home to see my son’s new school as there was an open house today. Brand new school (paid for with daddy’s taxes).