Gorham Pond – August 4, 2006

August 11, 2006

Nelson cam up tonight and wanted to go night fishing. I had my doubts about the night but was also hopeful.

We headed out to the pond just as the sun was setting. Fish were surfacing everywhere. Nelson got a couple of bites but no takers. For the next 4 hours we only managed one fish on a spinnerbait.  A decent fish and I spilled my beer landing the thing so it made sure to leave a mark that she was not happy being caught.

Heard a beaver slapping it’s tail around the boat. Kinda neat and scary. Nelson 1st (I did too) that it was a fish with a giant kapoosh. However, after it continued I knew it was old wally slappin and saying, hey, this is my section of the pond. Go over there.

Was a cold night in post cold front conditions. We had heavy rain to start the day off and it was a dry bluebird day after that. Classic off conditions for fishing.

Well, was still good to get out with my nephew. Maybe next time we will do better. Hope to do a night trip again. That can be fun. Spinnerbait, rod, reel, beer, and a cigar.


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