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Plum Island / Joppa flats, Newburyport MA – 7/15/06

July 15, 2006

Got out this very hot day with a new fishing friend; Craig. We headed out for an early outgoing tide and hoping the action would be as hot as the day was predicting to be. It unfortunately was not. It was rough fishing to say the least. We caught a handful and he caught his 1st bluefish ever though.

Saw some big fish early up on the flats sipping the surface and making some noise. Could not touch them with flies or sluggos. I think I changed my flies a few times today hoping I would find a magic feather in the box but I soon realized I was just getting them wet and trying my new reel.

As dead low tide approached and the boat traffic was picking up, we headed out for deaper water which was new for me in my boat. I usually don’t go that far out. I think we were out about a mile or so. Saw some seals out there as well as some flashes in the water (maybe tuna?). Heard about mackeral showing up again in this area and hoping to at least try to catch one. We found some intense arches on the sonar and tried to jig for them with sabaki rigs on heavy weights. Tide was pulling hard out of the river though you don’t notice it as much drifting. Also found some fish sipping the surface lightly but I had no idea what they were. Whatever they were they had no interest in our offerings.

We headed back in to try the flats again and picked up a couple more I think. Very slow and low tide is depressing with all that warm dirty river water and disgusting slicks forming all around. Add the poor fishing to that and it was time to leave. We headed out before 11 and called it a day.

Great fishing with Craig again and hope to fish with him again soon. Sounds like he wants to put his boat out there soon too.


Gorham Pond – July 9th, 2006

July 12, 2006

Took the boy out again today for an hour or so on the pond. He did not catch anything but I did. We put about a 16″ largemouth into the livewell. Ooops, I mean fishies house. Ryan loves that as well as letting them go. He does not want to touch them but loves to look at them. We caught another one and put him in there so he would have a friend.
I think my boat had every button, switch, pump, and light tested today by my son on this day. He would turn on a button or switch and then go look in the livewells to see what was going on. It was the tickle button that he did not know about. I showed him. ha ha :0 Tickle, tickle.

He tried hard today to catch a fish too. Almost had one twice but he said he will keep trying.

Good to get out with the little bugger again. There was a woman at the ramp that thought he was the cutest thing as he sat there and sang his own little song titled, “I love Daddy and he takes me fishing…” I must admit, I love that song too!


Winnipesaukee Lake – July 8th 2006

July 12, 2006

Headed to Lake winni again in search of Salmon. This time I brought along my daughter Jennifer. She got to see the big lake and we both had fun.

Started out setting both lines out once we hit 40 feet of water. I thought we would be ok since we were heading for a 100 foot hole. Well both rods went off at the same time. Do salmon school in lakes? nope, but after quickly looking over at the sonar I knew we were caught on the bottom. After some funny turning around I lost both lures and the entire 100 foot leader on one. I put both of these new, never used lures on because I really wanted to try them out. Well that stinks! Trying to be upbeat I told her that was OK and that was a sign that we should be using other lures and those were not tied on tight enough. 🙂

After setting both lines out again we trolled off of clark point and Jennifer caught her 1st salmon. It was just a little guy at about 10 inches but she was still tickled to get one. We trolled there for a while then went over to the back side of rattlesnake island. We trolled the entire backside with only one hit but nothing doing. We got another hit as we trolled 1/2 way up the front side of the island but again, no fish.

Jenn was hot so she took a quick dip and jumped in. It did not take long for the big boats to get out there and start barrelling by us so I pulled Jenn on up out of the water before and of those wakes were near us.

Trolling some more out by Parker island proved to produce another small fish (caught by Jenn) and a whopper of a hit on my side of the boat. I picked up the rod and felt some decent resistance but as I reeled it got off.

We were over 100 feet of water for every fish and hit we got. 5 colors on the lead with 60 feet of 12 pound mono and 12-15 feet of 6 pound flourocarbon. DB smelt in the silver and green got one (and the monster hit) and a Top gun in the Winni smelt pattern got the other. I think that the other lure that produced was a gold / orange Rainbow trout slayer spoon.

Was a great day on the water with my little rirl (well maybe not so little anymore).