Gorham Pond – July 22nd, 2006

July 22, 2006

Holly and Jenn

Hit the pond again today. This time with my daughter Jennifer and my neice Holly. Got the worms in the water with bobbers and started trolling slow. I got a bass pretty much right away on an all black spinnerbait with a huge colorado type blade.

Holly got the next fish with a worm / bobber. A nice (and good sized) sunfish. Great hooksett in the mouth and we got our picks in and sent him off back into the water.
After that I switched to a topwater bait and began to takover the fish catching for the boat. 🙂 I swear I did not mean too do this. After I caught a few I figured I would lure in some fish for the girls by casting to near their bobbers and hopefully bringing the fish near their baits. Instead I started catching more fish from doing this.

I gave the spinning outfit to Jenn so she could catch some this way. As I did I was showing her how to cast it and retreive it and bang, I hooked into another. Giving her the rod she reeled in the fish. Quick pic and back the fish went.

Setting Holly up with a topwater bait as well (a jitterbug) she started fishing this way too. Not much luck on the jitterbug, I switched her bait over to a pop-r style topwater bait. She eventually had one on and got it all the way to the boat. We did a quick release 😉 at the boat so no picture but she had a blast.

I got another topwater fish (ok, I was up to 9 or 10 now) and this one was a good one. It was between 3 and 3.5 pounds. On topwater that is an awesome fish. I have not caught a decent largie like that in a while. What a hoot! That fish also had another hook in it from another angler that must of broke it off. I was able to remove that hook safely and send her back with an unobstructed smile.

We switched the girls back over to worms in hopes that they would catch some more sunfish. Holly got another even bigger sunfish this time and her line was way out. She did a great job and landing it. That girl loves to fish and does a great job at it too.
I switched spinnerbaits as we had a steady drizzle going to a white and red bait with silver willow blades. BANG! another fish just as it hit the water. This time it was an airplane fish. Out of the water for several big jumps. The girls had fun watching that fish make some noise. So did I. I did not weigh it but did get a picture. It was probably between 3.5 and 4 pounds.

The rain picked up and started to get kind of bad out so we left. It was pouring out by the time we got back to the ramp. Putting the boat in the trailer I got soaked. The girls were pretty wet too. But it was not cold so it was a good old summer shower for us.
I set out to make a good trip for the girls and they had fun and so did I. We all caught fish and I caught more than I expected. It is sometimes a hard balance to keep the kids into the fish and fish yourself, especially when the action is so good. I tried to teach them how to fish topwater today and they both did a great job of casting as well as presenting the bait. They kept saying how I was so lucky and maybe I was but I kept telling them that it was because I was focussing on casting and presenting the bait to the fish and that is what allows you to have a better chance of catching more and better fish. I guess we are all learning including me.

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