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North Shore – River / Surf – Danvers, Beverly, Marblehead, MA – 06-10-06

June 11, 2006

Another fine day out with my nephew Nelson fishing for stripers. Got about 20 stripers today down in Danvers/Beverly/Marblehead. All Schoolies (16-24 inchers) but on 10 pound test and bass tackle it was still fun. Plus the rocks on the surf add to the challenge. Keeps you honest with your retying skills. 🙂
Most fish came on sluggos but we also got some on hard baits such as a yozuri stick bait. I think we also got one of a storm wildeye.

Did not bring the boat down this time but regretted it as the wind and rain was not all that bad once I got down there. Predictions were off a bit. We still fished several spots that my nephew knew of and did ok for a couple of hacks trying to enjoy striper fishing.


Danvers River – May 30th, 2006

June 1, 2006

Dropped off Nelson tonight back down in Danvers. We took a few casts together on the shoreline in the river. He quickly caught 3 schoolies with his lucky bait.

He sold me on it and I think I'm going to try to find some to have on hand.


Nubanusit Lake – May 28th, 2006

June 1, 2006

Took my nephew Nelson out to one of the clearest lakes in the world. It is also known as no-fish nuby. It is know for that as it does not produce a lot of fish. But when you do catch one it is usually what keeps us coming back to places like these that offer us fewer fish with quality when we do get them.

We trolled for lakers on leadcore for a little while then started looking for smallmouth using gold bombers. We got some to hit and hook up but as we traveled around a nearby point they dissappeared. But then we saw tons and tons of rainbow trout. Some chasing our baits back. Well I wanted in on some of that action!!! I tossed out some lighter stuff at them and hooked up. Was a fun run in. Nice to be changing fishing direction like that once and a while.

We went back to trolling for lakers for a while and as we went over a couple of good humps I got a hit. I lost it whatever it was. Not sure if it was even a fish but we did have serveral colors out and it could of been bottom. Later that day we trolled some more over the same spot and Nelson got a bite / same thing. No lakers.

We fished for smallies for most of the rest of the day and did well. Mostly little guys but Nelson got a whopper 3 pound 12 ounce HOG. What a fish. He was so excited, it looked like he was shaking. I was happy for him. Finally a hog smallmouth for him.

I had a great time with Nelson today. He is a good kid with a love for fishing that I'm sure will put us on the water together real soon.