Winnipesaukee Lake – Mid April 2006

April 15, 2006

Headed to Winni and launched out of Wolfborough bay. We fished that bay for a very short amount of time. Had my brother Shawn and my nephew Nick out with me. Awesome day weather wise. Could of not asked for a nicer day. Well, maybe if we caught some fish. 🙂

Really figured out that my fish finder was junk today. It has been flakey since I first started using it. Makes for a rough day not knowing the depths. Also, I could not troll with the big motor as I was still breaking it in. Not sure how we would do this but we did.

Headed for alton bay in a very short order of time. We trolled with the trolling motor and short increments with the big motor. Had no clue as to what we were doing except that we now had a rod out with leadcore line and the db smelt lures. We had a 12 foot leader of mono on there. We were doomed from the start. 🙂

No fish but saw plenty of others catching them. I definately need to learn this type of fishing better.

Trolled the back side of rattlesnake for a while and decided to call it a day.


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